J Manchester Brickwork - What We Do

What do we do?  It is so simple to answer!  We are foundation brickwork specialists.

Use the Specialists

  • Foundation Brickwork is ALL of our business
  • We do not diversify into other areas...
  • We stick to being experts in Foundation Brickwork
  • We come fully equipped
  • Small enough to be flexible
  • Large enough to handle larger contracts

Foundation Brickwork

Work Carried Out

Our work on foundation brickwork also extends to offering your plot of land a complete home foundation package.  It can be dug out and concreted all ready for the building work to start.

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Foundation Brickwork: Showing an example of our completed foundation brickwork.
Project description

Insulating Concrete Framework

Insulating Concrete Framework (ICF) walling is a construction method used for its ease of construction and insulating benefits. In a ICF system a framework made from insulating material usually expanded polystyrene or recycled wooden pallets made in 440mm length x 215mm depth x 215mm width designed to lock into each other similar to LEGO bricks allowing the build to not require binder materials such as mortar. Once the framework is in place concrete is poured in up to a height of 3 meters ( We advise in case of a fracture in the materials )

When this sets the structure is strong and has a high excellent u value. The method of which ICF forms are created allow them to be moulded into various shapes and designs as well as requiring less labour and time to build. The use of thick concrete also provides exceptional sound insulation and prevents air leakage into a dwelling.

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Timber Frame buildings / homes

Timber Frame homes are getting more popular for many reasons mainly the excellent u values also the rapid construction of the frame allowing trades to get started while the bricklayers can install the brickwork skin. Here at Manchester brickwork we are fully conversant with the strict tolerances needed in the foundation building process.

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Example Work

Here are some photos of some work we carried out in Mansfield Woodhouse in Nottinghamshire. All the work from digging out the foundation to putting on the roof was carried out by us.